5th May 2012

Peterborough, Torquay, Sunderland, Darlington

The actual fixtures were:

    1. Peterborough no match for the Championship season ended last week
    2. Hereford v Torquay (League Two match)
    3. Fulham v Sunderland (Premier League match)
    4. Darlington no match for the Conference Premier League season ended last week.

The results were:

    1. Peterborough (0 points)
    2. Hereford 3 v Torquay 2 (1 point)
    3. Fulham 2Sunderland 1 (1 point – Played on Sunday 6th May 2012)
    4. Darlington (0 points)

The first thing to note is that the seasons are drawing to a close and not at the same time.  Old Moore yields forecasts until 19th May and starts again on the 4th August; this is outside of the seasons (some ended 28th April, others 5th May and most by 13th May).  So I will not include the last week of forecasts for this season as none of the teams will be playing.  This has already had its affect on this week’s fixtures with two of teams not playing and unfortunately the two that were playing did not conform to Old Moore’s predictions with two home wins.