This is another of those projects that have been sitting at the back of my mind and hopefully by putting it into words and publishing it on the web for all to see, it will give me the encouragement to actually do something about it.

I own a number of photographic historical postcards with various scenes from places that I know, namely around West Bromwich and Staines.  They are mainly from the early part of the 20th century and although I am far from being classed as a deltiologist (even an amateur deltiologist) I find the historical significance of the photographs incredibly intriguing.  It is fascinating to see how much places have (or indeed have not) changed in nigh on a century.

Some of the postcards that I own are virgin postcards (they were never used) but there are a number that have messages and that is quite fascinating too.  It is a glimpse on a moment in someone’s life.  In 1894 British publishers were given permission by the Royal Mail to create and distribute picture postcards and at that time there were up to 12 deliveries a day in some cities in the UK.  Thus the postcard, with its reduced postage rate (of 1/2 d),  could be used as e-mail or text messages are used today with multiple exchanges between correspondents in a single day.

This project is simply to try to recreate the same photo as depicted on the cards I have.  Literally find the landmark, guess as to where the photo was taken from and snap.  I will scan the original postcard and upload my 21st Century version and try to make notes on how the environ has changed in the intervening years.

This may be a little slow moving as it will depend upon when I get the free time to go and take the photos but hopefully I should have some here for your comments early in the spring (2012).