Advent Trivia Day 2:

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Petrichor is the smell of the air after it rains


Tuesday 15th May 2012

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For the second time this year, the Ides of the month do not fall on the 13th of that month, rather the 15th, so we avoid talking about the most exciting finish to an English Premier League season in the history of the English Premier League.  Nevertheless both the 13th and 15th would yield the same result from a personal point of view, I was at work.

Tuesday 15th May 2012 starting with the six o’clock alarm, as it usual does on work days.  A glance out of the window confirmed that we were still in drought conditions, leaden skies and heavy rain.  Since the South East of England was declared in an drought at the beginning of April we have had but 3 dry days.  Rain gods are nowt but ironic!

So what was happening in the world at large?

Although I awoke, in the South East of England, to heavy rain parts of the country, notably Staffordshire and Shropshire woke to snow!  The middle of May and snow in central England.  This is not unprecedated, indeed there was snow at the beginning of June in 1976 and that summer has gone down in history as the hottest summer with 15 days (from 23rd June to 17th July) of temperatures about 32°C a heatwave a mere three weeks later.

The current economy gloom is spreading with Greece being if not a pivotal point in the plan certainly a destabilising piece.  Therefore it was worrying news (if not unexpected) theta they were unable to form a government with the current selection of MP’s and that finally came to a head today meaning that the Greeks will have to go back to the polls in a few weeks to attempt to see if the new crop can agree on what the Greek nation can do to prevent their withdrawal from the Euro.

It appears that Virgin Airways are going to let passengers use their mobile phones onboard Virgin Atlantic flights.  This is despite Lufthansa and Qatar airways suspending the same on their flights after complaints from other passengers that like the haven of a mobile free zone.

Feel free to add any other news stories that you think I have missed…